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Scan Options

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Scan Options

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Scan Options can be checked and modified by selecting Options from the main menu. When an option is enabled it has a green tick next to it. Where an option is disabled it has a red cross next to it. Clicking on the option either enables or disables it.


Alert Level

You can choose between two different Alert levels:


Show alerts on confirmed Malware only [default]

An alert screen will be displayed if any scanned file is detected as malicious. This is the default (and recommended) alert level.


Show alerts on Malware & Files Not Found

An alert screen will be displayed if any scanned file is detected as malicious. An alert screen will also be shown if a loading reference is scanned that attempts to load a file that cannot be located. This option is useful if you wish to remove an orphan registry entry left behind after a malware file has been removed.


Boot-time FastScan

The FastScan is the part of Trojan Remover that carries out a scan of all program-loading points when the PC is started (it can also be launched manually at any time, by selecting START | All Programs | Trojan Remover | FastScan). The FastScan is enabled by default.


Right-click menu scanning

With Right-click menu scanning enabled, in Windows Explorer you can right-click on a file/directory and select "Scan With Trojan Remover" to carry out an immediate scan of that file/directory. If you disable this option you will no longer have the "Scan with Trojan Remover" option available, until you re-enable the option.


Verified Files List

Trojan Remover maintains a database of pre-verified files. During a normal scan (but not a file/directory scan) this database is checked to determine whether a file should be thoroughly scanned or not. Scan speed is improved when this option is enabled (it is enabled by default), and the logfile produced is also smaller and thus easier to read.


Integrity Checking

When either the main Trojan Remover program, the FastScan, or the Updater program are started, Trojan Remover carries out an internal check of all its core program files. This is a very important step in ensuring that the files have not been tampered with or virally infected. It is recommended to leave this option enabled.


Running Processes scan

During a normal scan for active malware Trojan Remover scans all Running Processes, including the process's loaded modules. This part of the scan can take some time. Disabling this part of the scan will reduce the overall scan speed, without a major impact on the program's ability to detect malware (as all loading points are still checked). If you do disable this option it is recommended that you periodically re-enable it and run a full scan.


Heuristic rootkit detection warnings

When a scan for active Malware is carried out Trojan Remover performs heuristic tests for the presence of certain types of (malicious) rootkits. These tests can be disabled by selecting this option. You would normally only do this if previous scans have raised alerts on files/entries that you are certain are not part of a malicious rootkit.


Warnings on running Anti-Malware programs

When you run a scan with Trojan Remover, it first checks for the presence of certain other antivirus and anti-spyware programs. This is because if another anti-malware program is running it may prevent Trojan Remover from accessing (and therefore detecting, and disabling) any file that the anti-malware program itself already detects as malicious. It is always recommended that you temporarily disable any other anti-malware program when you run a scan with Trojan Remover. Even when you have already disabled your anti-malware program, Trojan Remover may still show a warning that the program is present. In such cases you can choose to disable this option.


Random filename generation protection

When you start Trojan Remover it first creates a randomly-named copy of its main program, then launches this copy. This is part of Trojan Remover's defenses against malicious process-killers which try to prevent anti-malware programs from running. Some process monitors see this behaviour as "suspicious" and warn on it. If this happens you can select the option to disable random filename protection. Trojan Remover's main program will then always be directly started, using the same executable filename.

Note: this option is not available in Windows Vista or above as random filename generation is not used.


Forget current window position

When you re-position Trojan Remover's main window, the program remembers this window position in future runs. Select this option to have the program 'forget' the current window position. The main window will be immediately returned to the center of the screen. If running on a multi-monitor system, the main window will be placed in the centre of the primary monitor.