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Problems Starting Trojan Remover

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Problems Starting Trojan Remover

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Problems Starting Trojan Remover

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I get the error message "A required DLL file, GDIPLUS.DLL, was not found" (or "The dynamic link library gdiplus.dll could not be found") when I try to start Trojan Remover (or the FastScan runs).

Earlier versions of Trojan Remover required the use of the Microsoft Windows file GDIPLUS.DLL. Later versions do not. Update your program to the latest version and this should resolve the issue. To update, download and manually install the latest Program Update for Trojan Remover from the Updates page.


How do I fix the error message "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005)."?

This error message can be caused by a malware program attempting to prevent Trojan Remover from running. Try the following work-around to run a scan with Trojan Remover:

Locate the Trojan Remover program files directory (normally C:\Program Files\Trojan Remover). Make a copy of the "rmvtrjan.exe" file. Rename this copy to a different name (anything you choose, e.g. "mynewprog.exe"). Double-click on this renamed file to start Trojan Remover. The program should now start, and you will be able to run a scan.